Quantum Bridges Time Travel

Quantum Entanglement a process or steps which is also known as spooky action by Albert Einstein so what is this Quantum entanglement is a physical resource, like energy, associated with the peculiar nonclassical correlations that are possible between separated quantum systems. Entanglement can be measured, transformed, and purified. A pair of quantum systems in an entangled state can be used as a quantum information channel to perform computational and cryptographic tasks that are impossible for classical systems. The general study of the information-processing capabilities of quantum systementangled state could be used to steer a distant particle into one of a set of states, with a certain probability. In fact, this possibility of ‘remote steering’ is even more dramatic than Schrödinger demonstrated. Suppose Alice and Bob share an entangled pure state of the sort considered by Bell, say two photons in an entangled state of polarization, where Alice has in her possession one of the entangled photons, and Bob has the second paired photon. Suppose that Alice receives an additional photon in an unknown state of polarization where the notation ‘denotes a quantum state. It is possible for Alice to perform an operation on the two photons in her possession that will transform Bob’s photon into one of four states, depending on the four possible (random) outcomes of Alice’s operation: either the state or a state that is related to in a definite way. Alice’s operation entangles the two photons in her possession, and disentangles Bob’s photon, steering it into a state After Alice communicates the outcome of her operation to Bob, Bob knows either that or how to transform by a local operation. This phenomenon is known as ‘quantum teleportation.And now the same way if you find a device or energy which has a wave door to travel between worm holes and black holes without interference traveling in universe can be done in seconds or minutes it can be done or how long we will be reaching to understand this phenomena hope to see this code crack and adopt in our coming generations knowledge i sunny faridi always see a motivation in knowledgeable intellig 

Quantum particles are quantum dimension Are really different Principle and laws we have in our demention in our daily routine atom and it's charged particle like electron proton neutron have different laws when we talk about quantum dimension atoms can be anywhere at the same time on two places in our dimension we cannot do this Because we are bound by the nature map now in this dimension strange but great happening happen Charge particle have a state we called quantum interference quantum super position and quantum communication quantum entanglement All these phenomenals are happening at the same time in this dimension.now Quantum computers are able to solve certain tasks much quicker even than supercomputers. However, there have so far only been prototypes with a maximum of a few hundred "qubits." These are the basic units of information in quantum computing, corresponding to "bits" in classical computing. However, unlike bits, qubits can process the two values "0" or "1" simultaneously instead of one after the other, which enables quantum computers to perform a great many calculations in parallel.Qubits can be realized in different ways. Tech giants such as Google, for instance, use artificially manufactured superconducting circuit elements. However, individual atoms are also excellent for this purpose. To control these in a targeted manner, single-atom qubits must be held in a regular lattice, similar to a chess board.Physicists usually use an "optical lattice" of regularly arranged points of light for this, which is formed when laser beams cross each other. "If you want to increase the number of qubits by a certain factor, you also have to correspondingly increase the laser output," explains Birkl.His team produces the optical lattice in an innovative way. They shine a laser onto a glass element the size of a fingernail, on which tiny optical lenses are arranged similar to a chess board. Each microlens bundles a small part of the laser beam, thereby creating a plane of focal points, which can hold atoms.

Now, the Talbot effect is occurring on top, which has so far been considered a nuisance: the layer of focal points is repeated multiple times at equal intervals; what are known as "self-images" are created. Therefore, an optical lattice in 2D becomes one in 3D with many times the points of light. "We get that for free," says Malte Schlosser, the lead author of the work. He means that no additional laser output is required for this.The high manufacturing precision of microlenses leads to very regularly arranged self-images, which can be used for qubits. The researchers were able to indeed load the additional layers with individual atoms. With the given laser output, 16 of such free layers were created, potentially allowing for more than 10,000 qubits. According to Schlosser, conventional lasers can be used to quadruple the power in the future. But the quantum future  

God is as all-encompassing as anything could be, is the greatest possible being that is necessary, self-existent, transcending any particular cosmos, and exhibiting all possible moral virtue. The "Multiverse" is a local set of many unique Universes under a given continuous series of laws and is also the second in a series of Archverses, being succeeded by the Metaverse. Uniqueness isn't mandatory but is guaranteed due to the sensitivity of conditions during Universe formation. The biggest multiverse is registered as MLTI-577, and the smallest one is known as MLTI-183 so think the possible way how big we are and the map of this concept is going to get bigger by the knowledge we get and adopt to understand now with the help of quantum computers we can see and run complex problems like this to understand the concept of universe and beyond like big bang theory Each Universe in a Multiverse, as stated above, shares in common laws of physics, systems of nature, sets of elementary particles and all other laws of the parent Multiverse. However, since each Universe varies in initial conditions, the entire timeline is affected and entire cosmological structures are "reshuffled", so to speak The concept of multiple universes, or a multiverse, has been discussed throughout history, with origins in ancient Greek philosophy. It has evolved over time and has been debated in various fields, including cosmology, physics, and philosophy. Some physicists argue that the multiverse is a philosophical notion rather than a scientific hypothesis, as it cannot be empirically falsified. In recent years, there have been proponents and skeptics of multiverse theories within the physics community. Although some scientists have analyzed data in search of evidence for other universes, no statistically significant evidence has been found. Critics argue that the multiverse concept lacks testability and falsifiability, which are essential for scientific inquiry, and that it raises unresolved metaphysical issues I DR Sunny faridi always think the concept of this picture and from this a adopt in knowledge by help of quantum computing 

The gate access theory Define everything in the physical world or in a quantum round or in a dimension round have a gateway system were all the atoms or core particles of atoms pass through. These gates are like passing bridges between reality and samulation process by the creator one of these gates are connected in quantum round our experiment show how qubits are passing between these gates and communicating during quantum entanglement process .to explain this Traditional computers use electrical signals that represent binary 1s and 0s, or bits. Logic gates are the fundamental operations that allow these bits to change between 0 and 1, and a range of examples exists such as ‘AND’, ‘OR’ and ‘NOT’.

For example, a NOT gate changes a bit from a 0 to a 1 (or vice versa). AND and OR gates are two-bit gates that take two bits as inputs and output a single bit, depending on the inputs.This is what allows your computer to carry out such a wide range of seemingly very different tasks. A set consisting of AND, OR and NOT is an example of such a universal gate set.Quantum computers operate using qubits, not bits. Unlike traditional bits which can only be 0 or 1, a qubit can exist in a ‘superposition’ of 0 and 1. This ability to exist in multiple states at once gives quantum computers tremendous power.But a qubit is useless unless you can use it to carry out a quantum calculation. And these quantum calculations are achieved by performing a series of fundamental operations, known as quantum logic gates.Then there are also two-qubit gates. These allow the qubits to interact with each other and can be used to create quantum entanglement: a state of two or more qubits that are correlated in a way that can’t be explained by classical physics.controlled-NOT (CNOT) gate. It’s a two-qubit operation where the first qubit is labelled the control qubit and the second one is the target qubit. If the control qubit is |1> then it will flip the target’s qubit state from |0> to |1>or vice versa.Similar to traditional computers, quantum algorithms with many qubits can be broken down into a sequence of single and two-qubit quantum gates, forming a universal quantum gate set.The reliability of quantum gates can be improved using so-called ‘quantum control methods’, which modify the microwave pulses to make the interaction more protected from noise in the environmentThe quantum gate discussed in the paper (the Mølmer-Sørensen gate) is the two-qubit gate that’s used in the majority of ion trap groups (like us).these gates will open new way to understand the reality of creation how we are in environment of samulation step by step future technology will revolutionary introduce a new subjects in education systems to gain and tackle the understanding of these Quantum technologies. by this we will move forward in cosmic and galactic knowledge which will take 100 years from now to just decode them step by step i hope this process gain heights balance in humanity future 

Teleportation is transfer from one place to another or departure or arrival from one destination to another destination Going one place from another place is all form of a Teleportation. Very soon we're gonna use the property of a quantum computation to discover a quantum bridge exists a thin line between a time and a gravity itself . Understanding and decoding Quantum Entanglement will give us traveling vortex door to time pool access One can visualize the entanglement in a system of qubits as an intricate web of connections. When we measure an entangled system, the impact it has on the web depends on the strength of the measurement. It could destroy the web completely, or it could snip and prune selected strands of the web, but leave others intact. To actually see this web of entanglement in an experiment is notoriously challenging. The web itself is invisible, so researchers can only infer its existence by seeing statistical correlations between the measurement outcomes of qubits.the order of operations so that all the measurements could be made at the end of the experiment, rather than interleaved throughout, thus reducing the complexity of the experiment. Second, they developed a new way to measure certain features of the web with a single “probe” qubit.This is normally seen as a bad thing, as noise can disrupt quantum calculations, but the researchers turned this bug into a feature by noting that the probe’s sensitivity to noise depended on the nature of the entanglement web around it. They could therefore use the probe’s noise sensitivity to infer the entanglement of the whole system.The probe qubit was only sensitive to the noise of its nearest qubits. In contrast, when the measurements were weaker and entanglement was more widespread (the “entangling phase”) the probe was sensitive to noise throughout the entire system. The crossover between these two sharply contrasting behaviors is a signature of the sought-after measurement-induced phase transitionThe stability of entanglement against measurements in the entangling phase could inspire new schemes to make quantum computing more robust to noise. The role that measurements play in driving new phases and physical phenomenaMeasurement has a special role in quantum theory1: by collapsing the wavefunction, it can enable phenomena such as teleportationA random (1 + 1)-dimensional monitored quantum circuit composed of both unitary gates and measurements. b, An equivalent dual (1 + 1)-dimensional shallow circuit of size Lx × Ly Ly is set by the (1 + 1)D circuit depth and Lx by its spatial size, and T is set by the measurement rate. c, Classical post-processing